Welcome to Team Storyhouse

Community and Mentoring for Creative Souls

Everybody needs a Team.

A personalized, customized FREE membership gathering place for lifestyle bloggers, content creators and digital entrepreneurs of all experience levels.

Team Storyhouse is your secret sauce; your incubator for great ideas; your instant crowdsourcing tool; your daily digital conference that has its foundation in community first.

After decades in the influencer industry, we were tired of piecemeal communities on larger networks that don't drive true action on business and personal goals. 

What if it didn't have to be that way?

What if there was one place we could go to gain knowledge and insight from actual experts; a no-fluff, deep dive, action-focused community that didn't add to our list of distractions, but instead contributed to our alignment and success?

Team Storyhouse is that personal and customized solution 

We offer an action-oriented community of members who are invested in their success and yours, with a commitment to aligning actions with our feelings and opening up new revenue streams and opportunities to build more sustainable personal brands.  

Think of us like your digital co-working space, office, water cooler and idea incubator all in one. We are the tab you open on your desktop and leave open without feeling guilty because when you're on Team Storyhouse, you are working on yourself.

 We give you the benefits of community and coaching everyday and all in one place and ABSOLUTELY FREE.

We offer the resources and connections to help you succeed at writing your own story. 

  • daily mentorship, accountability sessions and conversations with growth-minded influencers, both online and in person
  • access to key opinion leaders who will challenge your limiting beliefs 
  • opportunities to connect with brands from across North America who 'get you' and want to build real relationships via digital speed networking and interactive brand seminars 
  • pop-up educational materials and Mastermind groups to accelerate your growth and unleash your potential
  • regular interaction via live and real-time web based seminars that allow you to network with peers and shine in a social setting from the comfort of your home office 
  • ideas and experiences from those outside your industry that can expand your view and perspective on your own business

Who is on Team Storyhouse?

Bloggers, creators, entrepreneurs, digital leaders just like you. We are a reliable community of digital business owners you can turn to for support and mentorship. 

Current Member Profiles

We are your community builders. We are your way finders, and your catalysts. We are rule breakers. We are algorithm rebels.

Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.  This is a no-fluff, dig deep community dedicated to shifting our minds, transforming ourselves and evolving our businesses.

If you are a creative spirit committed to collaborating, improving, and lifting each other up, and you're ready to invest in yourself, we want you to join us.

Team Storyhouse - where community comes first and where heart meets hustle. It's where you belong.

-Jen & Erin 

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